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Here's what You dont know about Stock Market Trading that could Burst your SAVINGS

You are responsible for managing your own Financial future

2+3 Hours 

Live Session

Instructed by:

Ravi R Kumar

Founder of Know The Pulse LLC.

Trained over 19k+ traders around the globe in 53 countries, with 13+ yrs of experience

Achieved Rastra Ratan Award and best stock market trading coach award in 2021.

He has been featured at:

Ravi’s Growth in

Stock Market:

Started trading journey in 2008, from becoming a trainer till founder of Know The Pulse LLC. in 2013. Established Know The Pulse in Dubai and trained 17000+ traders around the globe in 53 countries and lastly nominated in India Glory Book of Record, achieved Rastra Ratan Award and best stock market trading coach award in 2021, its just the beginning!

Who is this workshop for?

Financial Advisors

Service-based Companies

Start up Founders

Chartered Accountants

Tech Companies

Real-estate Agents

Medical Professionals

Seminar Leaders

See what our students have to say!


It's the best place to learn trading make ur dreams come true live ur dreams with very less stop losses and very good profits......only one suggestion to reader ....if u r thinking to leave share trading by thinking that trading is not my cup of tea after very big lossess me give Ravi sir class a try ....u will not regret .....I m sharing my own experience ....fee is nothing as compared to the things he delivers in class and as compared to the lossess u hav made ......u are going to thank me afterwards if u join the class ... good luck

Chetana Pandey

Ravi Ji is one of the best mentors in Indian stock market, what he teaches is something more than just some strategies, it's an asset for the rest of life. I must also mention about his passion for teaching and his sincerity in transferring his knowledge to the society, he is more happy seeing the community around him benefiting out of his mentoring than when he makes a million dollar profit for himself.

My trading journey and perceptions about share market took a positive twist with his coaching programme and I am truly benefiting from what he has taught.

Anil vincent

My experience has been amazing with you Guruji. Your passion and dedication beyond words . Ravi sir is the great mentor have met in my life. The best ways to understand by giving examples are available with Ravi sir. And I think someone should have such examples. And even in the AP session, there is a lot of support from the promising students taught by Guruji. Many thanks from my heart.

Sachin Dhayya

Ravi sir is just Excellent having very great knowledge in stock market and the best part is they want all thier student to become great trader not only good trader. Happy to join know the pulse. One should must join the community if they really want to become great trader.

Aradhana Songara

Here’s How the Workshop Will GO!!

What will you learn in the workshop?

We’ll teach you 3 second pulse analysis process

Stock market analysis enables investors to identify the intrinsic worth of a security even before investing in it.
We share the private 3 second pulse analysis which works wonder's.

We’ll teach you how to create watch list

Now know when market goes up and when it comes down,
Which means a stock selection, Money making stocks acceleration, Quality stocks over quantity stocks! Understand the fundamentals.

How to set a goal into stock trading?

First of all you should be clear how much money your going to make, 90% of people become bankrupt within 90 days of their journey because they don't know their specific goal like what kind of trader they are and how much money they can make some also think as a quick rich scheme which is not possible, so making goals is important.

How to use SETS formula (Stop loss entry target & size)

Before entering market, Know when to exit, people know when to enter but have no idea about when to exit. Market never stays consistent, If your not clear about the SETS Formula then your gambling

How to play in close market?

Have you ever felt that whenever we are whenever we are sleeping, we get up early in the morning and market is about 200 points or so? Who is playing behind when we are sleeping? Until this is not clear, we are not a trader. We are a gambler. So we have to understand how to play in closed market

and a lot more . . . .

Exact Blueprint of What you are going to Learn in 2 Days

📅Day 1

Why We should Trade or Invest in Stock Market

Market Capitalization & Impact

Indian Market Driving Factor

How To Define and Achive Goal In Stock Tading

How To Define Your Purpose

How To Define Your Traders Type

How To use Tools 

How To Scan Stock In 3 Second

Shortcut Of Scanning 

Automated Stock Scanning Setup

Practical Example on Live Chart

📅Day 2

Four Major Component Of A Trade

Demand & Supply Zone Understanding

Price Action Trading

Scanner Usage

Pulse Analysis Depth

Trend Analysis in Depth

Cross Check of Chart Authencity

Practical Example Of All Rules on Live Chart

Order Type & Set & Forget Trade Style

How To Select a Broker

Still Wondering If the Workshop is for YOU?

Ask yourself these questions 🤔

Why people take overnight risk and below up their account. (Because They don't know when to enter and where to enter and when to exit and where to exit ? 

Most of the traders loose capital due to Broker ( How To Select a Broker) If you are going to buy a Premium Property your Broker should be premium.

Why 90% Traders Think stock Market is Gambling

Do you know your risk and reward ratio in the stock market?

Do you know how to decide position sizing?

Why 90 % Traders Lose Their Entire Capital within 90 Days of Their trading Journey.

Stock Market is The Safest and fastest way to multiply your capital but why 90 % People are looser and 10% people are multi millionere.

Why Retail Trader Loose Money and Professional Make Huge money

If you have ANY of the questions above, then you’re invited to join The 2 Days Stock Market Trading Workshop😁

Ravi R Kumar

Founder at Know The Pulse, Keynote Speaker in SMEbizz, 

Trained 19000+ students over past 13years.

I am Ravi R Kumar, Founder of Know The Pulse LLC. , which currently has over 19000+ students, with 13+ yrs of experience, started trading journey in 2008, established Know The Pulse in Dubai and trained 17000+ traders around the globe in 53 countries and have been nominated in India Glory Book of Record, achieved Rastra Ratan Award and best stock market trading coach award in 2021.




Traders Trained 

+ yrs




You may not believe me, but you can believe them

Experiences shared by people who previously attended this workshop

and many more heartfelt responses….

There is nothing more happy for me than seeing a smile on Students face after they make money in stock market.

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What you'll get...

Understand 3-second pulse analysis

How to create the trading blueprint

Purpose of trading

Trading Time Frame

Bulletproof trading strategy

Set and forget trade style

And bonuses too...

Ebook 1 - Decode the trading secrets

Ebook 2 - How to make zero loss trading blueprint

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